Leafblowers suck

Posted Wednesday, April 30, 2008, 12:04 PM

Okay, leafblowers blow, but they also suck. And it's not because they don't do a fine job of blowing leaves, because as far as I can see they do. But why do you want to blow leaves? To ostensibly clean your footpath. And how long does a footpath stay clear of dust and leaves? About 10 minutes. Because then the wind blows and it's right back where it was.

Leafblowers are excessively noisy, are excessively pollutant, and achieve almost nothing. Fuck off and die!!!

A couple of weeks ago, in the middle of a seriously windy day, during what was in fact the outer ranges of a hurricane, the lawn maintenance guys actually used the leafblower - while half the trees in the garden were actively bending 30 degrees, losing leaves by the hundreds right above them. When they'd "finished" and left, the area was 1000 times worse than when they first arrived, but they still doggedly used the leafblower, and destroyed the environment that much more with their ugly noise and disgusting exhaust fumes and smoke.

Fucking morons.

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