Team Sports should not be in the Olympics

Posted Thursday, August 7, 2008, 11:21 PM

So the stupid waste of time that is the Olympics has begun, and already I don't care and wish they'd stop. Apart from them being mostly meaningless, and almost completely no different to any other sports event that happen throughout every year, they are just a big excuse for melodramatic wins and losses.

But team sports should be eliminated from the Olympics. They are so arbitrary in their results, because they're based on a round robin. Anything could happen, the teams are made up of randomly picked competitors, often not from the best athletes (because they're professional and aren't eligible), and it just comes down to who wins a round robin tournament. The point of the Olympics is which individual athlete is the best in the world at their particular sport, and team sports in round robins do not, and can not, demonstrate that. So why have them?

It's bollocks. And it should stop.

And while I'm at it, get rid of rhythmic gymnastics, synchronised swimming, and tennis, as well.

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