Pegasus Regent

Posted Monday, October 5, 2009, 5:00 PM

I probably shouldn't be doing this.

I have two other screenplays I want to write, but both of those have struck problems. One has a plot that needs to be completely re-configured, and the other has a huge stumbling block I can't figure out and is spinning me in circles.

But Rob and I were chatting the other day, and he said "I am just waiting for you to write the sequel to Pegasus Rampant." Well, I told him I don't really have a complete story for that one yet, and anyway I want to have it read by people who really count first, to boost my confidence and set me on the right path, before I start writing sequels to it.

But as I was stuck on the aforementioned two other screenplays, I have been thinking some more about what little story I had already formulated for this sequel. For one thing, I had already come up with a title - Pegasus Trampled. At first I thought that was a decent title (the next sequel is called Pegasus Triumphant, which I think is perfect) but thinking back on it, it's actually awkward and cheesy. So I looked up a rhyming dictionary, and narrowed it down to a few other options, eventually choosing to change the title to Pegasus Regent.

That change just sparked more ideas, which allowed me to fill in most of the blanks for the storyline. And I have that sitting there, looking up at me with those big brown sad eyes... I can't stop myself.

I really ought to be working on some other stuff entirely, but... I guess sticking with what I know best (Fantasy, and characters I'm already familiar with) and a complete storyline mapped out ready, is a better plan. Really.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself.

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Dags said...

Creativity truly is a curse! There are times when art just magically appears before your eyes, and there are times when you have all the ideas running around in your head yet staring at you is a blank word processor screen.

In the end I think the biggest problem is just knowing where to start. Funnily enough when I was talking to someone about writing a feature length screenplay and I described the concern above, he said to me "so the first words you write are FADE IN" and THAT's exactly all I had written at the time!

So I know where you're coming from on this.


GuanoLad said...

Starting is, to me, the easiest part. It's finishing it that I find difficult. Even if I have figured out an ending, I still struggle getting to it sometimes.

This time I am confident about 75% of the story I've figured out, which gives me enough motivation to go right to the end.

Dags said...

If that's the case, when can we expect to see a first draft?

What I'm trying to say here is that if you're ready to go, I recommended putting a peg in the ground with a completion date and working towards it. Without a clear goal in mind, time will just drag on and it'll never get done - having said that I accept that other priorities may come into play, but at the same time the completion date doesn't need to be unrealistic either.


GuanoLad said...

Well, I'm onto page 12 already. I expect I'll have the first draft complete in three weeks, if I keep my enthusiasm up.

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