Vincent and the Doctor

Posted Sunday, June 6, 2010, 12:52 PM

I used to write reviews of Doctor Who episodes, but I don't do that anymore. Partly because I realised that my reviews weren't very informative or useful to anybody - I tended to say variations on "Gosh, that was good" and "Hmm, didn't like this one so much". It felt like it needed more than a rating, it required analysis, which I am not very good at; especially so soon after having watched each episode; having to be careful about spoilers (my own choice); and only seeing part of the season, so story arcs or two part episode reviews were left hanging.

Anyway, this also is not a review, but it is a comparison. The latest episode of Doctor Who was about the impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh, someone whose work I very much admire, and they very cleverly included in the episode some shots of his inspirations. So I thought I'd show some of the ones I recognised. There may be others I missed.

It opens in a wheat field, where crows fly away at the approach of an invisible beast.

The Doctor and Amy find Vincent at a cafe in France.

Vincent's bedroom is very familiar.

His furniture is the subject of some very personal art.

As he speaks of what he sees in the night sky, Vincent paints a picture in their mind's eye.

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TS Hendrik said...

That is too clever.
I've been frustrated that the cable providers in my area don't carry a channel that shows Dr. Who.

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