Time For Some New Desktop Wallpapers

Posted Thursday, November 11, 2010, 8:20 PM

I can't stop myself from constantly changing my PC desktop wallpaper. Sometimes I'll put something new up three times in a week, though I do try to keep it down to twice a month.

Usually I'll find some online and pre-made, perhaps promoting an upcoming movie, video game, or current TV show, or occasionally an actress or model who takes my particular fancy or is just pleasantly photographed.

But just as often I'll make one of my own, adapted to fit the exact dimensions of my monitor, and mixed together using my own artistic sensibilities, such as they are. Having discovered the joy of blending grungey textures into a palatable or dramatic composition, I have learned a lot in a short time about how to make something look modern and appealing.

A good example is this pic of actress Eliza Dushku, which uses a lot of dirty textures to make it look like she's standing in front of a wall (in reality she was in front of a grey dropsheet in a studio).

I also looked at some other designs of movie promotional art to mix in this pic of Bullets and Bastards, with Dave Hankin waving his gun around aggressively, splashing a lot of high contrast colours across the page at a dynamic angle to give it emphasis.

And then here are a selection of images I grabbed from my old job at an Adult Website, that I textured up to work as Safe-For-Work wallpaper images. I also have a couple that are more graphic, though no more so than your typical figure study, but I decided not to show them here, at least for now.

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Dags said...

Thanks for thinking of us "workers on the web" when posting the images. I started to scroll down the post and thought "uh oh, where's this going?" but alas all was good. :)

Speaking of good, there's some good stuff here.

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