Digital Sunset

Posted Monday, June 23, 2008, 4:30 PM

Amongst the many distractions I find myself constantly finding excuses for, I occasionally actually do something that achieves a result. This is a rare and treasured thing, so I post today's for posterity's sake.

I was writing a script today, for a short film I may actually make this time (don't hold your breath), and I was considering the opening shot, which is a helicopter shot of the ocean with a jet fighter screaming into view. Knowing that I don't have access to a helicopter, the shot would have to be either stock footage or a digital composite. The jet fighter is already confirmed to be digital anyway, so why the heck not the ocean too? So, I thought to myself, can I make a convincing digital 3D ocean?

I found a tutorial, then tweaked the settings to suit me. This image is my first attempt.

I think it came out pretty well, though it's a little too regular and digital. The finished shot will be moving, and the eye will be drawn to the jet fighter, so perhaps it will work out after all. I shall also be adding some additional features to give it some life; convincing clouds; some land; maybe some birds.

Something like this.

It gives me confidence that I will be able to achieve something good.

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