Perfect Day

Posted Monday, June 16, 2008, 2:21 PM

Today I decided to go into town to pick up a few things. I had four things I specifically wanted to buy, and also have lunch.

Firstly, the weather was perfectly pleasant. Cold (it's winter) but clear skies.

Next, I walked to the train station, unhindered, and bought a two hour ticket, which actually gave me 2.75 hours when you buy it at the right time. The next train arrived promptly thereafter, on schedule, and got me into the city in rapid time.

Then I got off at the stop nearest to where I wanted to be, walked straight there, and bought the two DVDs I wanted, which were prominently displayed and easy to locate. I even bought another one that I had long been considering purchasing, on a whim.

Half a block down the road was a bookstore I wanted to get a very specfic item from, but it was something that had only been released a few days ago, in the US, so I wasn't sure if it would be here yet. But as it's published in Australia, I had some hopes. I didn't find it on the shelf, though I did get another book I had been wanting, so went to the counter to pay for it, and there behind the counter was the first book I wanted - the last in the store. I grabbed it.

Then I went half a block to have the very lunch I had been craving for all morning. It was tasty, with friendly service, and I quickly consumed. I wandered over to the Tram stop, and my tram had just arrived. I leapt on, and headed home, where it dropped me off at my door.

A perfect day.

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