Bad Timing

Posted Wednesday, December 9, 2009, 4:15 PM

The whole morning was wonderfully sunny and quiet.

The early afternoon, similarly warm and pleasant.

But the very minute I sit outside in my yard to quietly read a book, what happens? Next door's lawn mower starts up, which then sets the opposite house's dog barking.

Bloody typical.

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Dags said...

Unfortunately if you live in an area with grass, lawn mowers will always be present. They're mostly a nuisance on weekends, but I guess there's always someone home on weekdays to fire one up - and the nice weather DEFINATELY brings them out en masse.

Ironically I had one start up across the road last night at around 7:45pm and it was pretty loud, until about 10 mins later when it spluttered and died (ran out of fuel I think) which was accompanied with an appropriate vocal response from the operator - alas we had peace again :)

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