Posted Thursday, July 17, 2008, 9:08 PM

Ways to tell if someone on TV or a movie is only pretending to use the computer:

  1. They never use the mouse. Every single action seems to be done via the keyboard.
  2. Their hands barely move as they type, but their fingers go sixty to the dozen. Real typing is a system of firm key striking, a deliberate hit each time, not just a light twinkle of tapping.
  3. They never use the space bar or Shift key. They're clearly just typing gibberish with no punctuation or spaces.
  4. They never look at their fingers as they type. Even professional touch typists look down occasionally.
  5. They never make typos. All the touch typists I know make tons of errors.
  6. Backspace and delete keys? Keypad? Function keys? Never touched.
  7. The number of key hits they make never match the number of sound effects or the number of letters shown on the monitor.
Similar rules apply in faking playing musical instruments.

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