A Quiet Week

Posted Friday, July 4, 2008, 6:41 PM

I haven't been doing much lately. Not anything worth sharing, anyway. I volunteered to do some video compression for Dags, so that his movies will be viewable online, and some artwork for MPS to use in his pitch for an amimated TV show. But aside from that it's been pretty low key, and all personal stuff of no great consequence.

I'm finishing the textures for the jet plane, just to put that aside, and trying some compositing tricks to animate 2D pics of clouds in such a way as to make them look convincingly 3D.

I will also be experimenting with how to perfect greenscreen keying, from a book I just bought which is really cool and hopefully will be useful. There's so much to After Effects and compositing work that I am still trying to figure out, or am afraid to try, like expressions and colour correction.

And someone just contacted me, as I was recommended by a friend as a website designer. This site will be a promotional site for an actor/presenter, so hopefully should have a few nice graphical elements to it.

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