"Gates of Hell" gets a review

Posted Monday, July 21, 2008, 3:45 PM

Last year I did some effects for a feature length film called Gates Of Hell. It was directed by a friend of mine, Kel Dolen, and is a horror. Fairly formulaic in plot, as these things tend to be, but it has a nice twist to it.

I was asked to do the effects by my friend Rob who was already working on it, and then the effects supervisor James got a hold of me for more stuff. My official credit is as a 3D Artist, I think.

Most of my effects were for 3D graphics and "matte paintings", but I also did a couple of minor composite tricks, like extending a wall and lightning flashes. Seamless stuff, mostly. You shouldn't even know any of my shots have had any work done on them.

Anyway, there's a review of it at Aint It Cool News by local reviewer Latauro, and he liked it a lot. It was a pretty cool review, which hopefully is a sign that it may one day get a successful theatrical release. And there's a trailer for it here.

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