Bloody Hell, It's Hot Out There

Posted Tuesday, January 13, 2009, 7:00 PM

I was going to wander down to the shops today. To a shopping centre I'd not visited before. I wanted to buy something before the weekend that's only available in one shop in town, and that's where it's located.

Rather unexpectedly, because yesterday did not suggest this might occur, today was really seriously hot. It hit 36°C today, which isn't exactly pleasant to have to suffer through, especially for a long trek through the streets. So I stayed in.

I rescheduled for tomorrow.

Only, now it turns out it's going to be 40°C tomorrow.


Heat in itself isn't often a big problem. My home gets a lot of sun, but as I'm on the middle floor it's usually indirectly, and because I'm in a U-shaped block, I only get it on two sides and most of the time the walls are in shadow.

But the bricks heat up on a very hot day, while the indoors stay cool. Until the second day of heat, when the indoors start to warm up considerably. Then if it cools down outdoors on the third day, it will stay warm indoors, but not too badly, and will cool down quite pleasantly.

However, if there's a third day of heat, then the indoors gets even hotter, and remains so for several insufferable days no matter what happens outside.

That's summer in Melbourne.

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