What Will I Write Next?

Posted Saturday, January 24, 2009, 11:33 PM

Ever since I started writing my first screenplay, which I have since completed to my satisfaction, and enjoyed thoroughly while doing so, I have had a rather unexpected onslaught of ideas for other scripts.

Normally I am not much of an ideas kind of person, I'm better at assembling other people's ideas into a good story, especially with my knack for dialogue and for keeping the plot moving along, than coming up with the ideas myself.

But lately I've formulated several plot concepts, and am now inspired enough to choose the one I should write next.

I won't list the ideas here, for fear of someone stealing them, but I will say they include:

  • An adventure story in the vein of Indiana Jones or National Treasure.
  • An action story full of car chases and explosions.
  • A comedy road movie.
  • A thriller about an escaped wild animal menacing a small town.
  • An espionage adventure set in the past.

After some thought, I think I've decided which one to do, but I may change my mind before I get properly started, depending on how well the ideas flow. I have the Maguffin already, which is to say what drives the plot, now I just need the motivation behind the characters, and that can be an effort. So I'll establish the different personalities, and a few of the moments of interaction that might occur, and see what develops.

I have some amount of faith in my abilities, so I think it will all work out. I hope so, anyway, because figuring things out leads to the actual writing, and that's the part that makes it all fun.

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