Well, This Sucks

Posted Friday, January 16, 2009, 10:24 PM

I got a letter through Registered Post today. It's rarely good news when you get one of those. And it wasn't good news this time.

I have been evicted from my apartment!


It isn't because I did anything wrong. It's because the owners' son is moving to Melbourne to work, so they want him to live here.

Admittedly I was getting a little bit anxious about living here. It's starting to feel a little small, and the lack of private outdoor space is something that disappoints me a lot. And the new downstairs neighbours are a bit of a noise issue that I will be happy to be rid of. So the forced move is sort of nearly a good thing. Almost.

But there are many bad things too. The Housing situation in Melbourne is really crappy, especially for rental properties; they're in demand. My rent is currently pretty decently low, but an upgrade will increase it significantly. And of course, I am still unemployed, so I have no income to deal with the extra rent and the moving costs.

I have until mid-March to vacate, and my current Real Estate agency looking after this place will help me find a new one, so it's not too overwhelming. It's just that packing and relocating sucks.

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