Doctor Who: The Poison Sky

Posted Sunday, May 4, 2008, 3:30 PM

Continuing after the cliffhanger last week, this new episode is really very exciting. An action premise as the Sontarans attack UNIT, in an attempt to take over earth to use for their cloning process.

Donna once again doesn't disappoint, her acerbic personality zings even when she's left alone. And Martha's doppelganger is excellently played, distinguishing her from the Martha we know. There's a nice meeting of the two versions that's perhaps slightly soppy, but well done anyway.

The visual effects this week are phenomenally good. Explosions and fire and spacecraft and laser bolts. Wonderful stuff.

And of course: Click for spoilers

Rose makes a fleeting appearance in a flash on the TARDIS video screen, crying out the Doctor's name. Brilliant!

Next week's episode looks to have a very controversial element. Click for spoilers

The Doctor's daughter??? What's up with that? I am assuming it's something to do with Susan, a canonical anomaly that is usually skirted around uncomfortably.

But who knows? We shall see next week what it really refers to.

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