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Posted Wednesday, May 28, 2008, 2:44 PM

One of my hobbies that I hope to turn into a career is visual effects and 3D graphics. I have been dabbling with it for a long time, off and on, and only recently in my life have I had the opportunities to contribute some of what I'm capable of to real productions, low-budget short films though they may be.

The best part is the variety of work I've done for people. Matte paintings, 3D modelling and animation, compositing, 2D animation. Some of it is realistic, some not, and some is somewhere in between. It started out as wanting to be involved in Star Wars fanfilms, and I have worked on four of them, but now that my friends are branching out into original ideas, it's opened up a lot of new opportunities for different kinds of creative work.

These include a dark psychological tale, where I had to add some walls to turn a three-walled location into a four-walled one, then add a window in one of the existing walls; A comedy where one scene has the characters suddenly transported into a desert location, where I contributed the matte of the desert and rotoscoped them into place; A spy comedy which involves a really funky gadget with a digital display that needed to be interacted with by the star, where I designed, animated, tracked, and composited the display graphics onto each shot; And my first SW fanfilm had a whole bunch of different things in it that needed doing, some worked more successfully than others, but the R2-Units were the triumph. I've also worked on a feature film, a horror that needed some invisible work: fixes and mattes and composites.

Next up for the team is a short film set in World War II, which will require from me a couple of shots of a train, which I have already modelled and textured, a few composites and mattes paintings for locations, and there'll be some gunfire (though the Director, Rob, is also a talented visual effects nerd and will be contributing his own work on some of it). It starts shooting in a couple of weeks.

And then after that we'll be making a cool little take on a fairytale, which will have some very unique locations and effects in it, which will be quite a challenge indeed. There's a wolf for a start. Can't wait!

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