More Dreams

Posted Friday, May 16, 2008, 7:23 PM

To follow on from the last post, I had another vivid dream last night, this time related to an upcoming event I am somewhat trepidatious over: wisdom teeth surgery.

I was in a reception area, and there were lots of people milling around, in lines, waiting, being interviewed, and preparing for their oral surgery. I was allowed to wander around a little, and surprisingly I was actually quite excited. Dreams can be funny that way, how they can manipulate your emotions to be quite unlike how you'd really feel if the situation was genuine.

Eventually, after some kind of conversation with someone I can't recall about something I no longer remember, I was ushered into a little room, and sat down on a dentist's chair. My surgeon was already there, ready to do his thing. I was anaesthetised (knocked out, which is what I assume will actually happen) and then within seconds woke up in my real bed, in real life, this morning, but feeling no pain in my mouth, which I was pleasantly surprised about. And then I realised... oh yes, I hadn't actually gone through with the real surgery. It was all only a very vivid dream.

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