Dreams and Nightmares

Posted Thursday, May 15, 2008, 2:40 PM

I've been having very vivid dreams lately. Because my sleeping patterns have been getting erratic due to my excessive laziness and being a nocturnal kind of person (i.e. I like to stay up late, and sleep in in the mornings) my routine is messed up, which leads to my dreams being affected.

So such things as the position I sleep in changing (I normally sleep on my front, but lately have been on my back or side a lot), and the temperature throughout the night, and the length of time I'm in bed, has caused my dreams to change from their usual vague jolly experiences of no discernible rhyme nor reason, to being actively vivid and severe.

I've had dreams of deaths and murders, chases and creeping around, with other characters seemingly familiar but not actually based on people I know. They are taking place at night in strange locations I don't recognise, and are longer too, sometimes continuing after I restlessly shift position, when normally they'd stop and a new one would begin.

And I've been sleeping right through the night uninterrupted, which I almost never do. Usually the interruptions are brief, maybe a second or two, but they're moments I'm aware of and cause enough of a break to affect my dreams, but lately the dreams have been singular and longer lasting.

It's all quite unusual.

I'm not concerned at all, I think dreams are fun and healthy no matter what they contain, and interpretation of them is a foolish waste of time as they don't mean anything at all, at least nothing useful anyway. But it is something that I can't help but notice, and therefore had to remark upon it.

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